Go Green and Save Green in New York

New York is an ideal place to go green with renewable energy. Since the deregulation of its utilities in the 1990′s New York has seen increasing competition between energy providers. Combined with a drive by the state to provide more green energy this puts customers in a unique position. If you’ve ever thought of purchasing green energy, now is the time, and a good place to begin is at Green Mountain in Texas.

A major concern of people thinking about investing in renewable energy is the initial cost of setting up the system. This cost can be greatly alleviated by taking advantage of your state’s green energy incentives. Whether you are a private home owner, a small business owner, or a large corporation there are advantages to making the change.

A study of New York’s renewable energy suggests that with concerted effort the state could be using exclusively wind, solar, and water energy to meet its needs by 2030. To make this happen will involve a huge wave of support from elected officials and private citizens who are willing to look ahead and benefit the future incalculably. Be among the first to start making real changes and do it as intelligently as possible through expert advice and real-world experience.

The current goal of New York is to have roughly 30 of its energy come from renewable sources by 2015. By joining this effort now you will enter the forefront and be able to take advantage of reduced energy bills and possible state provided incentive programs. As green energy becomes more common many of these programs are designed to wind down. Now is the best time available to learn more, benefit the future, and enrich your present. Make bill paying less of an ordeal than you ever thought was possible!

Seven Ways to Lessen Your Family’s Reliance on Fossil Fuels

Here are seven ways to lessen your family’s reliance on fossil fuels.

1. Ask the electric company about wind power. Instead of producing all electricity from coal or oil, some utility companies are supplementing with wind power.

2. Install solar panels. By using solar panels to produce electricity for water heaters and other necessities, families can reduce utility payments over the long run.

3. Go for a hybrid car. Using less gasoline and oil than the typical car, a hybrid car can take families where they need to go with less pollution.

4. insulate the home to reduce drafts and retain heat Read the rest of this entry »

Oil Spills in China: Spill Risk Exists Anywhere There’s a Pipeline

Although placed prevalently in the international media, the United States is nowhere near the only nation in the world to experience significant oil spills. In fact, the country’s primary business partner, China, has experienced a number of oil spills and leaks over the last decade. Oil spills seem to be a ubiquitous phenomena. This fact often confuses many people. Shouldn’t we have learned how to deal with these sorts of issues by now? Why does it seem like oil spills are an issue wherever there’s a pipeline.
The Read the rest of this entry »

Why the Price of Gas Exploded Over the Past Four Decades

There are many who look back on the past with nostalgia and reminisce about their day to day life. And when this happens, people are often apt and willing to vocalize the negative differences they’ve seen between the now and then. One of the most popular subjects of grievance is the explosion in gas prices. We have gone from a few cents per gallon up to four dollars in America and over ten in other Read the rest of this entry »

Wind Power Benefits Over Other Alternative Energy Sources

For the past few decades, the technology for generating energy from renewable resources has grown by leaps and bounds. Energy produced by solar, water and wind are quickly gaining popularity in the media and among environmentally conscious homeowners and business owners. However, wind power has a number of benefits over the other alternative energy sources.

One of the most important benefits of wind power over the other forms of alternative energy is that it is cheap. In fact, wind power is quickly becoming the cheapest form of energy available.Confused? Read the rest of this entry »

How the Coney Island Station Uses Solar Panels

Coney Island Station in New York City is one of the largest above ground stations in the world. It was renovated in 2004. One of the main additions was a large array of solar panels on top of the building. Coney Island Station currently has 2,700 individual photovoltaic cells on the roof spread across 50 panels. This produces more than 250,000 kilowatt hours of power each year. The panels make it one of the most energy-efficient stations in the country.

The solar panels on Coney Island Station provide up to 18 percent of Read the rest of this entry »